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He is your friend, your partner, your defender, your dog. You are his life, his love, his leader. He will be yours, faithful and true, to the last beat of his heart. You owe it to him to be worthy of such devotion.

The only creatures that are evolved enough to convey pure love are dogs and infants.

10 Unsolved Mysteries From Ancient Times →


Salzburg Cube


In 1885, Reidl, an employee at an Austrian foundry, discovered the mysterious Salzburg Cube (also known as the Wolfsegg Iron). He cracked open a seam of coal to find a strange-looking iron cube inside it. It had many cracks and little holes in it, as well as a strange color and a deep fissure down the middle. Reidl had never seen anything like it before, so after showing it to his boss, they turned it over to the Heimathaus Museum.The next year, a professor at the museum named Adolf Gurlt studied the cube and determined it to be part of a meteorite. But further studies by the Natural History Museum in Vienna proved that it was not in fact a meteorite, but artificially manufactured from an unknown source. It is thought that the coal that “produced” the Salzburg Cube was at least 60 million years old.Adding to the mystery of the Cube is how some people actually believe it to have vanished. The reasons for this range from it being part of a shadowy conspiracy to it simply being debunked as a worthless piece of rock and tossed away as such. This, of course ignores the fact that the Cube does in fact exist, and can be found safely on display at its usual home, the Heimathaus Museum in Vienna.

Screaming Mummy


Discovered in 1886, a mummy with an agonized expression on his face has long since been the object of speculation. This mummy has all his organs intact, which is not customary with mummification. Many interesting theories have arisen, though none have been proven right or wrong.Bob Brier, a University of Long Island archaeologist, speculated that two parties were responsible for the mummy’s agonized expression. One was the murderer, while the other ensured full preservation of the body (possibly due to a personal relationship with the victim). Other researchers and archaeologists have come up with theories ranging from cold-blooded murder to poisoning to being buried alive. A 2008 National Geographic documentary special investigated the possibility that the mummy could be Prince Pentewere (son of Pharaoh Ramses III), who was suspected of planning his father’s murder. Ancient documents from the 12th century claimed one of Pharaoh Ramses III’s wives was tried for conspiring to kill him, due to her desire for Pentewere to take over the throne. It is thought that when this plan was discovered, she poisoned Pentewere as punishment and rolled him up in sheepskin after being mummified. If that was the case, the “scream” could have been due to the pain from the poison ingested. However, only a CT scan had been done of the screaming mummy, and it remains pure speculation whether the mummy was in fact Prince Pentewere.Less sensational theories suggest that the mummy’s jaw is open simply because his head most likely rolled back after death occurred. But even that bit of realism is as good a guess as anybody else’s.

Ever-Burning Lamps


Lamps that kept on burning without using any fuel were discovered all over the world during the Middle Ages. These lamps were sealed into tombs, supposedly to ensure the deceased had light to guide them on their way to the afterlife. Some of these tombs were opened years later, and the lamps were still burning.Superstitious types became terrified of this phenomenon, destroying any ever-burning lamp they came across. People accused pagan priests of trickery. Others simply refused to believe that a lamp could burn for an indefinite period of time. The vast majority claimed that the Devil was to blame.Speculation was also rife that Hebrew communities had discovered and preserved what today is known as electricity. According to the legend, a French rabbi named Jechiele possessed a lamp that could light up by itself, with no fuel or wick. Jechiele, according to this tale, invented a special button that would discharge an electric current to his metal door knocker. If someone touched the door knocker at the same time the rabbi touched the nail, the person would receive a shock and double over.Even with electricity being a common thing nowadays, all who have tried to replicate the ever-burning lamps have failed. Therefore the question remains: How were these lamps able to keep burning for hundreds of years without fuel?

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what an ass


What if the person continues to do “that” thing when you already told her that that was wrong?

Hindi ko talaga alam anong meron at ganoon siya? sila, kami. Well, actually pare-parehas lang naman eh kaso kasi it’s a matter of dealing with friends. Adjustments? Yes, that should be normal. Pero dapat lahat nag-aadjust sa ugali ng isa, LAHAT MAG-AADJUST. But kung paulit ulit nalang ang nangyayari, anong tawag doon? HUHU, I dunno what to do. Yes, magparinigan, magplastikan, mag-isnoban. Too tired of those. Wala na bang pagbabago? Sinong may mali? 

Well, we had more than 1 OPEN FORUM within the group. Siyempre, sabihan na ng lahat lahat lahat lahat. So alam na limitations and kung pano i-deal pag nangyari ganitong bagay. Pero, hindi pa rin eh, walang pagbabago. Ha!ha!ha! Funny thing,

Sino ba namang di matatamaan sa tweets lalo na kapag sa school palang nasesense mo na na ikaw yun, diba? Meeeen. Oo, ako nagpaparinig ako sa twitter pero sarili ko pinariringgan ko. Puro na nga good morning, jgh, blahblah napopost ko kasi no time talaga. Pero siya kasi iba, nasabihan na nga siya na pag nagpaparinig siya parang di kaibigan. Pag wala naman sayo sasabihin ang manhid mo, tapos pag natataman ka sasabihin hindi na niya kasalanan na natatamaan ka. Waaaaah. Ako, srsly, hindi ko alam yung feeling ngayon kasi hindi ako yung pinariringgan pero sympre, nakakaasar din kasi yung sa mga naunang open forum yun at yun ang problema, diba? so dapat alam na yung limitations and ADJUSTMENTS. We are adjusting, so must she.

But actually, sanay na kami na wala siya at hindi namin siya kasama. Ewan ba. Parang may nagbblock sa amin sa kanya. Lumalapit siya, oo, pero, kami, … awkward. I want to settle this down pero kasi ang hirap kahit maayos to uulit at uulit na naman. Ang hirap. Siguro for the meantime, oks na yun ganito, unting usap, unting tawanan, bow.

/Mabilis akong magtampo at magalit pero mas mabilis ako magpatawad kasi naniniwala akong lahat ng tao pwede magbago, so we shall be responsible and understanding. Basta pag nalabas ko na galit or inis ko okay na ko. :)

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GA X AP 2014

What a first time! Had the opportunity to be one of the models for the runway. :) Thanks for all who supported me and helped me! Love you, ARB2 and BP <3 especially to @dysmaximo & alwinsabino <3 love you both! :* 

Unexpectedly, I became the 2nd runner-up in the runway. Woah. Yeheey. :))

Also had the opportunity to have a picture with the 1st placer at the 2014 Architect Licensure Exam, Ar. Roderick Mendoza! Proud PLMayer!

(c) Camille Agron, Alwin Sabino, Kleine Proceso, CAUP SC

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You get depressed because you know that you’re not what you should be.
---Marilyn Manson  (via lyrexz)




Forget me not

In Slovene, these are called ‘spominčice’, which would loosely translate into ‘little memories’. The different perception of the world through different languages is fascinating to me. 

And yet both refer to memory. Weird how they converge on that. What about tiny blue flowers says “something to do with remembering”?

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tokyo midtown (by t.ono)

I am not really that motivated.

SRSLY, I should be doing my plate now. Naaasar ako sa sarili ko. This is my problem since then. I thought I would be better if I wouldn’t be here taking up architecture.

Hindi ko alam kung ayaw ko lang ba talaga dito? Well, i want to strive hard and learn techniques … more, pero di ko alam pano magsimula. Marami rin akong blockmates na naffrustrate na sa mga bagay bagay, kung para sa arki ba talaga sila. Pero sabi na rin namin na third year na kami, aalis pa ba kami dito? Sayang naman.

Is it what I want? I don’t know. Mas lamang sa pag-iisip ko na third year na ko at bakit pa ko aalis dito, sayang talaga. Isang factor pa, parents. Sa tatay ko okay naman, pag may plate ako at di ako natutulog, he’s teasing me “kaya pa ba?”, at sinasabing “yan kasi mahirap pag di natutulog”, yet my mother’s tellin’ me dati pa na “ayaw mo na mag-arki? dapat noong second year ka pa lumipat ka na”, “dapat talaga kapatid mo nag-arki eh, tapos ikaw ang nag-ECE.”, “magpatulong ka sa kapatid mo, magpadrawing ka sa kanya.” Naiinis lang rin ako kasi imbes na pinupush ako, eh, parang feeling ko wala na talagang mangyayari sa akin.

Dati bakasyon bago mag third year, gustung gusto ko na mag-give up. Kung wala lang akong kasamang magulang at ako lang nagpapaaral sa sarili ko, titigil talaga ako e.

Naiinggit ako sa mga kaklase ko, ang gagaling nila. Ako, eto, wala na. Pinupush rin nila ako na mag-aral at magpractice mag-render and all. I don’t have that willingness and motivation to move forward.

Siguro nagpapatakbo nalang sakin ngayon is para maka-tapos at di bumagsak. Ayun.

Hindi ko na talaga alam gagawin ko :( huhuhu. 

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Don’t be afraid of making mistakes or taking risks. Risk-taking is the only way to learn and progress. Start with a positive attitude and overcome hesitation. When a mistake occurs, say “I like it” and turn that mistake into a good part of the drawing.
---Drawing and Designing with Confidence
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Officially enrolled. \mm/

And yes, third year na ko. :) Nakakakaba pero hopefully maging makabuluhan ang school year na ito. Good luck sa Math Ana I & Physics II. Ang saya lang ng 7 at 9 na uwi. HAHAHA! AAAAT, isa nalang ang 7am na pasok. Parteeeey~

Let’s Go ARB2!

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Best of Sehun pt.2

63,959 plays


24 times Sehun makes me smile.

  1. uri-ya-ka-ri-ma-choo
  2. (Baek) Luhan-hyung is a baby! (Sehun) Luhan is a baby!
  3. my baby
  4. (Chanyeol) Sehun-ah, you have to listen to hyung, (Sehun) kkaeb-song~
  5. (Chanyeol) Sehun, Chanyeol (Sehun) SeChan!
  6. hyung
  7. (D.O) nee, (Chanyeol), nee (Sehun) nee
  8. hoho, aigoo
  9. (Chankai) hahaha (Sehun) so cute!
  10. (Chen) my lips are bleeding (Sehun) oh, so cute
  11. ahh, ah…
  12. uah, yaha, uah, uah
  13. chocolate
  14. bubble tea
  15. pyung
  16. gerajji, gerajji~
  17. orojji, orojji
  18. stop putting snacks in your mouth, the snacks are mine~
  19. gee gee gee gee baby baby baby
  20. i got a boy
  21. Come on, come on, yo, check it out. Come here, come here! Nee! Eh… look at me, look at me! (Kris) I look at you.
  22. yehet, ohorat
  23. hehehe, hohoho, hahaha, hihihi
  24. I like you.